Christine Miller, Serena Reves & Amrita Ollek

This project has begun the process of adopting/adapting/creating an open textbook for Human Biology (BIOL 0600) and Grade 12 Biology. The applicants are engaged in a process of developing an open (free to access, copy, share, modify) textbook that will fulfill the needs of both ABE Provincial Level Biology instructors and Grade 12 Biology teachers in the K-12 system. 

This open textbook will cover the content necessary to complement both curricula-ABE Provincial Level Human Biology and Grade 12 Biology. It will include all of the features of a typical textbook including:

  • Organization into chapters and subchapters
  • Guiding learning objectives and section summaries
  • Interactive activities
  • Review/practice questions
  • Diagrams/Figures
  • Glossary


Once the textbook has been compiled/created, we plan to implement it on a trial basis in both the ABE and high school settings. After a semester long trial period we will make any necessary changes. Once these changes are complete the textbook will be made available through BCCampus as an open textbook under the license CC BY SA NC.

Sept 2016-April 2017

Information Finding: Survey out to students to find out what they think about their current textbook and how they feel about online texts.

Sept 2018-ongoing

Textbook Adoption/Adaptation: Various open textbooks examined for suitability, selection of most viable option, creation of supporting/missing content. Faculty release made possible by the OER Development Grant.

June 2018-Dec 2018

Data Entry & Analysis: Research assistant hired through SoTL Accelerator Grant to input data & carry out analysis of results.

Jan 2019-ongoing

Feedback: Stakeholders review adopted/adapted material for suitability, identify content gaps, and make general suggestions. Time release made possible by the Mind the Gap Grant.

Sept 2018-Dec 2018

Stakeholders Sought: Consulted with BC ABE Science Committee and representatives from SD#73.

Jan 2020 (projected)

Sharing: Advocate for adoption of the resource far and wide.