Lori Nelson & Joe Dobson

The ELLs (English Language Learners) in School District 73 are students who are either landed immigrants or the children of adults who are here on work or student visas.  They attend district schools from K -12.  The students who will be participating in this project are in grades 10-12.  At TRU, there will also be a participating class(es) with 20 students, representing 11 countries of origin, in a ESAL 0570 class.  The goal of this project is to encourage our ELLs to pursue post secondary studies and to meet and interact with current TRU students.  We want these students to thrive in their educational pursuits and to reach their full potential as learners.  We want these students to understand that they have the same educational opportunities that all Canadian students have. 

The project will allow these students to spend a day at TRU.  They will participate in an organized campus tour, work with and do a planned activity with the international students in Mr. Dobson’s class, and learn about all the educational possibilities open to them.  We want these students know that they can pursue their post secondary studies at TRU to become educated, successful productive citizens who will work and thrive in our community.  In preparation and planning, we will also be collaborating with other relevant TRU units to make it as positive and meaningful for students as possible.