Shannon Smyrl, Laura Richter, Don Wilson & Jamie Topp

Grade 12 students at SKSS will engage questions of media literacy as both consumers and producers of information in an extended research and storytelling project. As part of their English 12 course, and supported by TRU Communication faculty, students conduct research on a topic meaningful to them and then produce a multi-media story for a specific audience and context based on their research.

As they navigate the projects, students will be engaged with questions core to interpreting and participating in the circulation of information in the world around them. Questions will include:

  • How does information circulate through media?
  • What are algorithms? How do we evaluate information?
  • How do we define the goal of our communication?
  • What is audience need?
  • What kinds of barriers exist in communication?
  • How do we choose the best media for our message?
  • How does social media influence the exchange of information?