Lorry-Ann will be teaching a social welfare exploration course to Human Service Program students, while Nichelle will be teaching Social s10 to secondary students. The two groups will get together to dissect and explore the Indian Act as it exists today as well as recommendations from the Truth and Reconciliation Final Report. Within the partnership, students will have an opportunity to speak with one another about how they would like to go about the task of learning and what they would like to personally accomplish in this manner. Secondary students will be asked to produce a final paper about the topic and how it has affected members of their own community. 

TRU students will prepare a short presentation based on their experiences of mentoring the secondary students through learning about these important policy documents. The purpose of setting it up in this manner is to allow the student to have ownership of the inquiry process while also learning about university writing styles and the importance of mentoring others. As he university class is only occurs during one day of the week, it will also give the secondary students an understanding of scheduling concepts outside of the public school realm.